Screen Repair Service Estimations


Window Screen Repairs

Starting at $15

Window screen re-screen pricing will vary depending on the size and number of window screens you need to be serviced. The average sized window screen will range $15 – $20. Larger windows will cost more.

Window Frame Repairs 

Starting at $35

Window screen frame repair or replacement will start at $35. Bulk pricing is available if you have a large number of windows that need to be repaired.


Swinging Screen Door Repairs 

Starting at $75

Re-screens for swinging screen doors begin at $75 for averaged sized single doors. Oversized and double French doors will cost more. Bulk pricing is available if multiple doors need to be serviced.


Retractable Screen Door Repairs 

Starting at $150

I re-screen and repair retractable screen doors of nearly every brand on the market: ClearView, Wizard, Phantom, Mirage and Eclipse. Single door re-screens using standard mesh will start at $150 per door. Additional fees will apply for the upgraded pet or solar mesh material. Please contact me for bulk pricing for multiple doors and oversized doors.

Sliding Screen Door Repairs 

Starting at $60

Re-screens for sliding screen doors start at $60 if standard mesh material is used. You have the option to upgrade the screen material to pet or solar screen mesh material at an additional cost.  There is also bulk pricing if you plan on re-screening more than one door in a single visit.


Note: a minimum of $95 of repair work is required per in-home visit.