Beat the Heat

In Southern California, we are no strangers to heat and sunlight. Add solar screen material to all of your windows to protect your floors and furnishings. 


Benefits of Solar Mesh

Heat Reduction

Solar screen are made a special mesh material that has added PVC coating, which reduces the heat transfer through glass. The screens can block up to 90% of rays, and can reduce inside temperatures 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit!

Damage Protection

UV rays are the major culprit to fading floors, furniture and artwork. By blocking these rays, your valuables are protected from these damaging effects. That way, you can keep them for much longer.

Glare Deduction

Glare from the sun is often a problem from inside your home. Solar screens can help block light glare against TV screens, mirrors and many other reflective objects.


Solar screens add an increased difficulty of viewing inside the home during daylight hours, giving your home added privacy.


Although these screens are made of slightly thicker material, solar screen mesh does not stop air flow from the outside. In fact, they can help reduce dust from entering the home.



Fair pricing!

“I found Kyle in a local paper but decided to choose him after seeing these reviews. His pricing is very fair - it was just about as much as me buying all the material myself. After buying the material at Lowes, I realized I had no idea what I was doing so I returned it all, and Kyle took care of the rest.”

— Darrel, Murrieta, CA

Great Service

“Great communication and service. Looking forward to him coming back out to take care of the solar screen screens! Will definitely call Kyle again!”

— Matt, Murrieta, CA

The Place To Go

“Mr. Window Screen is the place to go when you need any screening done. He is professional and friendly and will get the job done while you sit back and feel good knowing you're getting the best work/quality for the best price!”

— Garrett, Vista, CA




Upgrade Your Screens to Solar Mesh