Arched Window Covering Ideas

If you have a radius or arched window, you probably understand how hard it is to block direct sunlight through it. Most big-box retailers will over only one type of shade that covers a perfect 180-degree window. But what are your options if the angle of your arch is custom, or if you don’t want to block all of the natural light?

Custom Blinds/Shutters

This will probably be your most expensive option. Custom blinds are already pretty expensive to begin with, but radial shutters are even pricier. Shutters for one arched window will often run you at least $1,500 before installation.


One easy solution is to install a curtain rod above the arched window and add drapes. Sheer curtains will allow you to have some sunlight protection, while letting the light in. Depending on the location of the window, this may be difficult to achieve.

Custom Window Screen

The best looking and most cost effective solution is to have custom window screens added to your radius window. Arched window screens will run less than one quarter of the cost of custom shutters, and will still let natural light into your home. If you decide to add solar screening material to your windows, you will also have the added benefit of UV-protection for your floors and décor.