How To Clean Window Screens in 7 Easy Steps

No matter the season, having a clean window screen is crucial to enjoy a breeze without having to worry about bugs. We often forget to clean our window screens, and over time dirt and grime can build up. Try out this easy trick to clean your window screen!

  1. Remove your screen from the window. This is more efficient especially if you’re cleaning more than one window.
  2. Mix 1 cup of household ammonia and a tablespoon of dish detergent in about 3 cups of water. Pour it into a spray bottle.
  3. Move the screens that need cleaning into your tub or shower and run them under warm water.
  4. Spray the screen with the cleaning solution.
  5. Use a scrub brush to gently remove the dirt from the screens.
  6. Run the screens under water again, and allow them to air-dry.
  7. Re-install the screens into the window frames once the screens are completely dry.

Keeping your window screens will prevent early deterioration and prolong the life of your window screens. I recommend cleaning the screens at least twice a year, or as needed based on your circumstances.

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