Pros & Cons of Rescreening Windows Yourself

As the weather becomes warmer as we approach spring in San Diego and Temecula, opening your windows to a cool breeze sounds so inviting, and can even save you on energy bills.

This is also when you notice the holes and rips in your window screens, the dirt accumulation on the mesh. When it comes to screen repair, no matter how big or small, you probably want to roll up your sleeves and get it done yourself, right?

As a hands-on person myself, I am a huge advocate of do-it-yourself projects. The satisfaction of completing a home project on my own is one of my life’s joys.

As a professional window screen repairman and builder, here are my two cents on the pros and cons of taking on rescreening project.


  • Self-Satisfaction. Getting the job done yourself, no matter how long it takes can be pretty gratifying, which I can attest to myself.
  • Knowledge Gain. Completing and struggling through the project will give you the knowledge to do it again in the future.


  • Cost. At Home Depot, a roll of screening material will set you back $20 plus the cost of the framing if you need to replace that as well. In contrast, a simple window screen repair with me starts at $15, fully installed. Although it may seem cost effective to get the materials and attempt to make the screens yourself, without any prior experience, you probably will waste more than what is actually necessary for the job. 
  • Time. Time is also an issue if you are a screen novice. Rather than having a professional quickly build and install the window screens, you have to take into consideration the amount of time it will take for you to complete the project. As a family man, I’d rather be spending quality time with my kids on the weekends! 
  • Safety. Depending on the location of the window screen that needs to replaced, safety can be a huge issue. You definitely don’t want to risk your health and safety, when you can simply get a seasoned professional to complete the work for you.
  • Quality of Work & Aesthetic. If it is your first time tackling this project, you cannot guarantee that the quality of work will result in lasting durability. A professional rescreener will know how to handle the tools and materials properly to ensure the end result is not only done well, but beautifully.

Window screening may sound very simple, but it is very tiresome in reality. Hiring a professional will save you the time and effort, and it’s affordable, too!

So, if you’re in the North San Diego and Temecula area, please feel free to give me a call and get you lined up with new screens, just in time for spring: (760) 717-3187.