3 Benefits of Replacing Your Window Screens

More often than not, we forget to clean or replace our window screens. Maybe you’re on the fence on replacing your torn window screens. Maybe the tear isn’t so bad, or you aren’t sure about the costs involved. While you may have gotten accustomed to the small imperfections, there are many reasons why replacing your window screens is the best choice.


If you’re planning on selling your home, or even have some friends over, people WILL notice the details in your home. Keeping your sanctuary is tip-top shape will increase the curb appeal for your home.


Dirty window screens aren’t just eyesores; they affect their indoor air quality of your home. All the air passing through your windows will bring in all the dirt and allergens on the screens themselves into your home. If there are already holes in the screens themselves, it’ll be worth replacing them to help improve your family’s overall health.


Unless you’re maintaining your screens regularly, environmental factors can seriously decrease the life of your window screens. A normal screen should last you 10 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced. If properly cared for with cleanings every 3 to 6 months, you can add 5 additional years to your screens life! Start fresh and you won’t have to think about replacing them for at least 20 years!


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