What Are Window Screens Made Of?

When you look out your window, you probably overlook the screen. It fits snugly in your window opening and protects your home from bugs while still letting fresh air in. Little did you know, window screening can be made of several different types of materials.


Of all the materials, aluminum window screen mesh is the most common. In terms of cost, aluminum is on the high end in comparison to most other window screening materials, but also lasts longer and is more durable against the elements.


Fiberglass window screens are also a common material used for window screening. They are cheaper in cost than aluminum screens, but they are also more fragile and prone to damage. Fiberglass screens also allow less natural light into your home. On the positive side, fiberglass screens are more pliable and will not dent when pushed against, unlike aluminum.


Copper-bronze window screens offer many of the same benefits as aluminum window screens in terms of durability and longevity. Copper-bronze window screens won’t rust, making it one of the most expensive screening materials of the types available. Consider this material only if your home is prone to extreme weather conditions.


You can actually find polyester screens more often on screen doors rather than windows. Polyester is very flexible, resistant to tears and sagging. They are an ideal screen to install for pets, who like to claw or lean up against your screen doors.