New Screens or New Doors?

If you’re tired of your tattered door screens, but not sure if you need to replace the entire door, here are some quick tips to tell whether or not you should just replace your door completely, or if you just need a re-screen service.

When to Get a New Door

  • Framing is bent
  • Framing is rusted
  • Framing is pulled and will no longer hold a screen

When to Get a New Screen

  • Screens are torn and frayed
  • Hardware can be replaced – just get a new screen!
  • If rollers are not working, your door may just need a quick tune-up.

If you’re still unsure of your situation, you’re in luck. I can handle both services for you. Use this form to let me know what’s going on with your screen door, and I can provide the best recommendation and a quote for your service.