Sliding Screen Doors vs Retractable Screen Doors

We’re blessed with fantastic weather nearly year-round in southern California. This means we have plenty of reasons to grill outside, keep the patio doors open and let some fresh air in. Screen doors are then a necessity to keep unwanted debris and pests from creeping into your home.

A common question that I get is whether homeowners should stick with traditional sliding screen doors or install a retractable screen. Here are some pros and cons of either option.


Most people are familiar with this type of screen door, as they are the most common screen door for patios and side doors. They are typically installed on the exterior of the metal patio sliders, and cover one side.

When installed correctly, sliding screen doors should be unnoticeable and provide protection without detracting from the look of the home. Sliding screen doors also allow fresh air in and keep the dirt out, getting the job in a very cost efficient way. I can make custom fit rolling screen doors starting at only $175. Click here for pricing.

I get the most repairs for sliding screen doors in homes with pets. Mainly pets are pawing at the screen until it rips or frays, and or they accidentally run through it completely. In this case, a sliding screen door may not be the best option, not without a more durable pet mesh or pet grille.



Retractable screen doors are gaining in popularity in recent years, despite being available for decades. They have the ability to “disappear” into a housing chamber, increasing the lifetime of the screen material when it is not in use. They can also be installed on any door in a home, from the glass sliders to front doors to French doors.

Many retractable screen manufacturers also offer a wide variety of housing coloration to better fit a home’s trim. ClearView retractable screen doors in particular offer the most options, carrying 11 standard color options. If you want an even more EXACT match, they have the ability to create over 300 custom powder coat color options.

ClearView is also the only retractable screen door company that has patented technology for a slow-closing mechanism that prevents the retractable screen from slamming back into the housing, which is a huge issue for other brands.

Retractable screen doors are a bit pricier than your traditional rolling screen door, starting at $400 a door, but I can assure you that it will be worth it! Contact me for an exact estimate.

In regards to pets, ClearView retractable screens will allow for additional screen “give”, more than traditional screen doors. This will prevent the screen from tearing. If your pet does run through the screen, it can be easily reattached. Pet mesh is also available for retractable screens to prevent tears from scratching.