What Are Pet Screens?

If you have a pet that takes no notice of your screen door, I am sure you have replaced a few torn screens. Installing a “pet screen” instead of your traditional window screen mesh material can help increase the lifetime of your screen door or window.

Most pet screens are made of a vinyl coated polyester, and is 7 times stronger than the traditional fiberglass or aluminum screening. Pet screen material is tear and fray resistant that typically occurs from clawing or scratching.

The material is also completely safe for pets, and can be installed in any doorway or window. They are normally available in black or gray, although the “gray” screen material will come off as white in sunlight. 

Due to the thickness and wire density of the pet screen material, the mesh will have lower light transmission than other mesh screens. However, I believe that the life and health of your pets are worth the slight difference in light.

Not only will the pet screen material prevent a pet from escaping, the mesh will also protect your home from outside intruders: insects, birds, rodent, and reptiles. The material will also hold up against harsh climates such as extreme hot or cold.

I can add pet screen material to any of your screen doors or windows. Call me today for a free consultation and estimate!