Benefits of Installing a ClearView Retractable Screen Door

One of the biggest benefits of installing a retractable screen door is that the door has the ability to “hide” away and does not detract from the aesthetic beauty of your home and your views. When you need a screen for ventilation, but still want to keep the bugs out, the screen doors are there for you.

There are however, plenty of manufacturers of retractable screen doors, all of which I have worked with. With over 10 years of experience installing and repairing retractable screen doors, one brand has set itself apart from the pack – ClearView Retractable Screen Doors.

Not only are the retractable screen doors from ClearView manufactured right here in the USA, they also feature a patented slow-close mechanism that reduces the speed at which the screen retracts back into the screen door housing. Other brands will only have a spring, which will whip the door back if you do not guide the screen back into the housing yourself. Not only is this inconvenient, but also very unsafe for children and pets.

ClearView retractable screens are extremely versatile and can be installed on single doors, French doors, front doors and even slider doors.


  • A fully enclosed housing

  • A large variety of standard color options to match your home, as well as wood grain options

  • No plastic parts that deteriorate over time

  • All are made with heat and UV resistant nylon with powder coated finishes for added durability

  • All doors carry a Lifetime Warranty

  • Can cover a 70” width and 120” height

  • Carries the option to have internal magnetic locking system

  • Two handle types to choose from