Benefits of Installing a Security Screen Door

No matter the neighborhood, burglaries are a major concern for homeowners. If you have not installed an internal alarm system, I highly recommend that you do as soon as possible. But, all data regarding burglaries prove that most robbers will enter your home through the front or back door. One way to help secure your home intruders and added peace of mind is to install a security screen door.

Some additional benefits other than the obvious benefit of added protection, security doors are also:

  • Nearly impossible to break into. Most steel security doors are drill-proof and special tools are required to open them. Most burglars won’t have these tools ready and available, and won’t want to draw attention to themselves while at your door.
  • Energy Efficient. Security doors can help reduce your energy bills by allowing added air ventilation during hot months. Your front door can be open, while your security door is bolted, allowing cool air in.
  • Allows Additional Natural Lighting. In addition to added ventilation, leaving your door open while your security door is closed will allow more natural light into your home.
  • The galvanized steel and iron material used for security doors are resistant to fire. Many homeowners install steel doors within the home to help prevent fire from spreading in case of emergency.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing. Contrary to popular belief, security doors do not have to look like an eye sore. Many security doors nowadays come in many different color and design options in order to complement your home.
  • Durable Against Weathering. Steel doors are not prone to cracks or imperfections from harsh weather conditions and pressure, making them extremely tough and will last.